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What does it mean to truly own the source?
Jan 25

Why being close to the source matters

The fresh produce industry is highly fragmented, particularly when it comes to our type of  products. This fragmentation creates a significant disconnection between the start of the production to the very end.  This disconnection can result in challenges such as lack of traceability, inconsistent quality control, shortages, and difficulties in communication and coordination between different players in the supply chain.

Controlling the farms where our raw materials come from is a crucial factor that ensures production reliability. If there is poor quality raw material or unavailability, there is little that can be done later to fix it. As the captain of the boat, we have full control over the farming practices and management decisions, allowing us to implement consistent and sustainable methods. Unispice oversight and management of the entire process, starting from raw materials all the way to the final product, helps us identify what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how it should be executed. 

Ensuring the right quality and quantity of raw materials is essential for the end result for several reasons. If the raw materials are poor in quality, it can lead to inconsistency in the final yield. This creates a chain reaction of inefficiencies throughout the supply chain, eventually impacting everyone from the farm to the final consumer. Having a reliable source of raw materials minimizes the risk of failure and streamlines the process. Having stronger and healthier produce allows us to get consistent and reliable results.

Having control over the source is a crucial factor in ensuring production reliability. It grants us the ability to implement consistent and sustainable methods. Customers rely on us to deliver the right amount of produce when expected.

Our focus has been on getting the first part right by managing the farm level efficiently, and building up from there to the rest of the chain. We developed a system that operates from the very beginning to the point of product delivery. This system is managed by an entity called Cerbero, which utilizes data to orchestrate all parts of the chain; it allows for smoother operations throughout the supply chain.

Cerbero uses data to ensure each part of the supply chain functions effectively, generating valuable data throughout the entire process. Our monitoring and data collection enables us to implement data-based decisions, regarding all of our farming practices, allowing us to adapt to changing environmental conditions and emerging challenges.

Holding the ropes of the heart of our operation lets us have greater control over the production process. We have the freedom to make important decisions regarding all of our farming practices including everything from crop selection to nutrition. This control enables us to adapt to changing market demands, environmental conditions, and emerging challenges, ensuring uninterrupted production and timely delivery.

Cerebro enables us to develop and maintain efficient systems tailored to our specific needs. We deeply understand and appreciate the unique characteristics of our source, enabling us to turn unpredictable agriculture predictable.

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