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How Packaging Affects the Quality and Shelf Life of our Products?
Nov 2023

Packaging is a very important element that helps increase the shelf life of the produce, conserving its freshness and quality. We’ve designed our packaging to possess the necessary properties to maintain the quality and shelf life of the product for as long as possible while protecting the product. We optimize key variables such as oxygen transmission and humidity levels in each bag to tailor them for each SKU and destination.

It is important to carefully choose the appropriate packaging and processes to maintain the shelf life and quality of the product. Some of the key factors are:

Quality and Consistency of the Product:

You can’t fix a bad product, so we focus on creating a solid foundation by guaranteeing consistent quality in our products.


We are continually testing different combinations to optimize the packaging and processes for each unique client, product and destination.


 After that, it’s a matter of being able to execute its property to ensure that each step works consistently over time.

Our production software has helped us automate the packaging process guaranteeing quality control measures are in place to ensure that the packaging meets the required standards. Our automated packaging line utilizes advanced technology to streamline the packaging process. 

Our data-driven and integrated approach to smart packaging allows us to:

Develop new solutions:

Through a data lead system we capture real-time information on production and performance, to optimize the workflow for a better outcome. 

Optimize the packing:

We ensure the right packing, product, time of year and final destination for each client.

Increase efficiency:

Minimizing errors resulting in higher productivity and throughput. Also our technology  allows for tracking and tracing products.

Improve accuracy:

Quality control ensures produce is packed correctly and safely for a  guaranteed quality and shelf life of the products.

As an overall, the Unispice packaging process offers enhanced shelf life, quality and accuracy.

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