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Unispice Production Model
Nov 2023

How Unispice prepares for the festive season

Our whole process starts even before we plant. In Unispice our production model is based on a data backed estimation of supply and demand. Taking this into account we develop the recipe of all parts from planting to delivery to have the right produce at the right time. We offer a complete service building and operating successful programs to have a reliable fill rate, consistent and superior quality, true sustainability, custom made solutions and of course, comply with food safety regulations. All of the parts combine to produce more than just a bag of vegetables.

Have a look at how we do things in Unispice and how we are getting ready for this festive season: From having best-in-class fill rates to top-notch quality consistently to having a completely suitable product the benefits are unparalleled.

1. Planting Recipes:

Once we know when and what we have to deliver, our system builds the recipe to do it. All the way from choosing the land, every step along the way from planting to packing. We know what needs to be done to execute with Cerebro.

2. Own Source

One of the things that makes this model resilient is that we own the source. We not only know what has to be done at the farm level but we can also adapt and execute throughout the process to make sure everything gets done.

3. Cerebro:

We not only focus on planning and making sure it’s executed the right way, the key is adapting as things happen. With our complete integration of Cerebro, we have built a solid and predictable model.

4. Quality control

 Our team conducts rigorous quality control checks to ensure that the produce meets the highest standards for freshness, taste, and safety. Our integrated data-driven approach recollects information from every single step of the chain to make sure we meet every single one of our standards.

5. Integration:

We control every step, and this allows us to make sure things happen. From before the seed is planted to the product that goes into the bag out for distribution.

By following these steps, we aim to meet the demand for our produce while adhering to food safety regulations and providing high-quality products to our customers through this holiday season. 

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