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Pioneering a New Model for Healthier Food
October 10

Pioneering a New Model for Healthier Food

Traditional farming practices have been shown to create an extremely unpredictable food production chain. One of the main causes is there is never a march between demand and supply, causing an uncertainty on product quality and fill rates. These practices have also been considered to have a negative impact on land arability, causing the destruction of entire ecosystems. 

At UNISPICE, we noticed this unpredictable and unsustainable chain in the industry and started designing a solution. The BORN system focused on solving the problem at its core. We chose to rethink the fundamentals of the industry by analyzing real data to comprehend the flaws in the production chain and utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) softwares to generate integrated solutions that allowed scalability, predictability, and sustainability in the production model. Our goal is to make the unpredictable predictable, through sustainable practices and a data-driven production model.  

We are pioneers in a system that allows us to provide high-quality and fresh produce, resulting in a supply chain that is both reliable and sustainable. If you are curious, this is how we did it:

1. Data-driven decision-making:

Data is at the core of what we do; we base our actions on analysis and monitor through every process.

2. Smart workflow production:

Implementing the use of crop rotation, cover crops, and effective irrigation systems, optimizing our production recipe.

3. Complete control of the chain:

Our production model was built to be predictable, reliable, and consistent by operating successful programs and designing effective production recipes. 

Through these actions, Unispice helps maintain healthy soil, leading to sustainable farming practices. This new model allows us to have full control over our quality, ensure food safety, and comply with every regulation.

Building and developing an integrated data analysis program is how we make a match between reliability, sustainability, and top-quality produce. 

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