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Natus Foods in the Highlands
Jul 2

Our most ambitious project to date

At Unispice, growth has always been our priority. However, our vision for growth extends beyond numbers. Our focus is on creating a scalable and sustainable model. Over the years, we have refined our farming practices, with sustainability as the guiding principle. It’s our goal to expand operations without compromising the health of our environment.

Our success story is deeply intertwined with our respect for the land and our unwavering commitment to sustainable and regenerative agriculture. It is with immense excitement that we announce our new venture with Natus Farms, located in the highlands. 

Some might consider us crazy for attempting to regenerate apparently dead land. However, in line with one of our core values, challenging the impossible, we strongly believe we can do this, especially due to all the data that we have collected over the past several years. 

Turning this land into a highly productive farm will be a challenge. The land that has been forgotten for over 40 years. Based on our data-driven model we are very confident that we can do it. We plan to apply what we have learned over the past seven to eight years to transform this land into a high-tech, regenerative farm that will be a testament of everything we’ve accomplished since day one. We’re excited to take what we’ve learned at Unispice and scale it to new heights. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey.

We are thrilled to be doing this project in the highlands as it allows us to widen our products thanks to the different climate, altitude and other variables. We will develop a lot of specialty items for our customers and broaden our supply of current products. 

Having a farm in the Guatemalan highlands brings a range of benefits, especially when it comes to quality produce. The highlands, with their rich soil and unique climate, provide optimal growing conditions for various crops. This ensures the produce grown here is of the highest quality, boasting richer flavors and a higher nutrient content compared to crops grown in other regions.

We hope to start our first harvest in November 2024, we are extremely excited. We already have a plan of how everything will unfold and we are ready to roll. Hoping we’ll see our first harvest for Thanksgiving.

As we embark on this new venture, we carry knowledge and experiences from our past. All the lessons learned and innovations implemented at Unispice are leading us towards this new chapter. People can doubt what you say but not what you do, and we are ready to make this a reality.

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