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Natus Foods by Unispice
Jun 18

The story behind Natus Foods

We’ve been in the fresh produce industry for over 33 years. To create a true sustainable fresh produce production chain, we started searching for a real ambassador at the forefront of the market. Natus Foods was created by Unispice to enhance our movement.

Natus Foods’ focus is to consider our current and future customers and bring awareness to our industry about the importance of taking care of the source, the farms. A significant reason why Natus Foods is vital to Unispice is that its purpose is to gather real data from our customers. This information is delivered to the source, the farms, to plan around our customers’ actual needs.

For us, gathering data is critical, and getting the most precise information allows us to make success in this unpredictable and fractionated industry. With the information we get from our clients, we can guarantee our output is what the market expects. Thus, we know exactly what works for our clients and ourselves, ensuring we clever the best solution. 

As we get closer to our customers, we have created a fully transparent relationship when it comes to data. Complete access to their information allows them to do what they do best while we can operate and deliver in the best way possible, ensuring we meet all their expectations. By building a strong relationship with our customers we can provide the best solutions resulting in more reliability and product quality. Transparency allows us to have control over the entire production chain through to the final consumer. Our clients can trust in the consistency and reliability of our business. 

A key premise to us is knowing that if the first part of the chain is not right, we won’t be able to achieve the desired outcome. The first step starts by collecting real and transparent information from our customers.

Thanks to Natus Foods, we can now get the right information to create better solutions starting from the source. This has been key to better understanding our model and being able to predict this unpredictable business. Bringing the information back to the farm gives us control of everything that goes into the final delivery of the produce, ensuring everyone gets the right produce at the right time.

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