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Transforming the Unpredictability of the Produce Industry
Jun 19

Natus Food, the ambassador for predictability and sustainability


As part of our relentless drive to challenge the seemingly impossible, we’ve been innovating the produce industry. We do this through real data to create a sustainable business for everyone that is involved in the production chain. 

Data is our starting point. To make this business predictable, we need to know our expected outcome so we can provide our clients with the most precise solution for their needs. Today, thanks to Natus Foods, we are getting the right data to make the right decisions and obtain precise solutions.

The key is to create a predictable and sustainable business for everyone involved in the chain, from the farm to the logistics, supermarkets, food services companies and the final consumer. We’ve developed a system where we have full control of everything, creating the right product at the right time. Making this industry more reliable is not easy, but doing so gives us control over the whole supply chain. By fostering innovation, promoting transparency of information, and building strong relationships with our customers, we can improve the strategies and processes to guarantee we meet their expectations.  

Natus Foods is an ambassador for the future of the industry in numerous ways; however, at its core, we are at the forefront of a movement that revolves around taking care of the source. Making the first part of the chain right allows us to make the rest of the chain predictable and sustainable. Thanks to the data we gather from our clients, we can design proper sourcing plans, ensuring that the right produce, in the right amount, and of the highest quality, will be there at the right time. We are not only partaking in sustainable practices, but we are also actively shaping the future of agriculture towards true regenerative farming.

Considering that our main goal is to build a predictable, scalable and sustainable business, we’ve taken total control over our chain. This allows us to anticipate and manage variables, making our operations more predictable. It allows for scalability as we adjust and adapt our production capacity relaying on our market demand sourcing plans. Moreover, we promote sustainability by implementing and overseeing the practices in Unispice’s farms. This control has led to efficiency improvements which contributes to long-term sustainability. 

Let’s dive into each aspect in more detail, as follows:


 We focus on making the first part of the chain, the farms, predictable, and controlling every step of the chain has allowed us to build a consistent chain. By utilizing data, we can take a proactive rather than reactive approach. This allows us to tailor solutions to each client and ensure that they are  executed as expected, giving our clients the guarantee of predictability.


Flexibility facilitates scalability, we can ramp our capacity to meet the market demand. We get to plan and execute our sourcing plans based on our customers’ expectations so they arrive on time. We can anticipate potential issues and adjust variables to prevent any disruption across the chain.


 We make sure all our products are grown the right way. All the products from our farms are grown under regenerative practices. Thus, we’re not only providing a sustainable solution but also one that is better for the environment. 

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