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Health is Always First

UniSpice is recognized worldwide for always being at the forefront of packaging technology, post-harvest handling, traceability, and consumer protection through rigorous quality control and safety systems in the cultivation and processing of food. This guarantees the safest product for the end consumer.

Committed to continuous improvement, food safety, health, work environment, well-being in the field, social responsibility, the environment and biodiversity, all processes are backed by the most prestigious certifications worldwide, such as Global G.A.P., BRC (British Retail Consortium) and SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), among others.

 Guided by its governing values of “ Always growing, Never give up, Challenge the impossible and Always do the right thing”

, UniSpice recognized its responsibility to ensure that consumers can trust the safety and quality of all its products. This is why for 16 consecutive years, we have achieved the highest score in the BRC audit, the global food safety standard that includes compliance with requirements such as:

“Certification: a way to govern without government”

Voluntary sustainability standards like Global Gap, Fairtrade International, Leaf, Smeta, Brc, Rainforest Alliance and many others are seen as a form of ‘governance without government’.”




• Good manufacturing practices

• Critical control points

• Process documentation

• Integrated pest management

• Appropriate facilities

• Trained competent personnel

• Microbiological control

• Full Traceability

• Integrated claims management

• Equipment maintenance

• Correct storage

• Appropriate logistics control


UniSpice has implemented processes and policies throughout its production chain to consistently guarantee safety and quality. Starting with the growers in the field, who must comply with the contractual conditions and the specifications of the product provided; followed by the processing centers and warehouses, which meet the strictest food quality standards, and including the whole network of suppliers of goods and services, so that everything is fully traceable.

GLOBAL G.A.P. is the internationally recognized standard under which UniSpice certfies its agricultural production in the fiel, both from its farms and that of small growers. Our goals are: To ensure safe, efficient and sustainable production in order to benefit both growers and consumers; improve business performance and reduce the waste of necessary recourses; as well as bring into focus the development of best practices for future generations. This certification covers:




 Food safety

• Regulation, management and traceability

• Environmental sustainability and biodiversity

• Worker health, safety and well-being

• Integrated Crop Management

• Integrated Pest Management

• Production processes

• Quality Management Systems

• Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points


During its 31 years of operation and as part of its mission, UniSpice has prioritized guaranteeing its employees and collaborators a safe wok environment. It includes the office administrative staff, personnel in the processing facilities, warehouses, assembly centers and farms. This is why, every year we are certified in SMETA, an audit methodology that uses the Base Code of the Ethical Trade Initiative and the local Guatemalan law as its monitoring standards. This year 2022, UniSpice achieved again a report with zero non-compliance. The SMETA audit includes the following:



• Labour Standards

• Health & Safety

• Human Rights

• Management Systems

• Environment

• Business ethics

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