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Carbon Responsible
One step closer to becoming carbon neutral
February 2022


A Carbon

Responsible Company

We are pleased to report that UniSpice has reached a milestone in our journey to becoming carbon neutral by being certified as a carbon responsible company. The process of certification started by quantifying our carbon emissions. This allowed us to measure our carbon footprint and create a plan to mitigate our carbon emissions and come another step closer to our goal.

Why Carabon neutral?

The earth is facing a daunting challenge, and we all must do our part in saving it. UniSpice has always maintained a commitment to environmental sustainability, which is why we consider becoming carbon neutral a key step towards our goal of pioneering sustainable, competitivefarming. We want our products to have a positive impact.

Why is the Carbon footprint important?

A carbon footprint is the whole amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) produced directly and indirectly to support a person ́s lifestyle and activities. Agriculture accounts for 18.4% of all these green house emissions, which makes it the second-largest contributor. A key element towards building a sustainable future is the consumption of carbon-neutral foods, which is why we are taking the crucial steps necessary to actively reduce our carbon footprint.



The process of becoming carbon neutral has five phases, of which we arecurrently in phase three. We started the process in 2021 and expect to finishit in 2026.

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