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Born Production Model

Making the fresh produce




Integrated AI-Powered Model: Seed to Shelf

We use data and AI to make the value chain predictable, focusing on the first step: the farms.

1. Smart Demand


Developing an accurate demand estimate is at the core of our operations. We accomplish this by working closely with clients to understand their needs and remaining flexible throughout the production process to adjust to varying demands based on a variety of factors as well as site-specific production capacity and the time of year.

2. Production


With an accurate design estimate ready, we can enter into production planning and volume projections. Based on their projections, we can allocate resources optimally and efficiently to meet the demands of each specific customer.


We focus on every detail: Our production planning process takes into account every input available, from rainfall history and estimates to farm exposure and seed type.

Our sensor network and data-oriented system allows us to ensure that each plant receives the optimal nutrients and attention. 

3. Smart


At the heart of our operation, we’ve designed a smart system that creates a symbiosis between nature and technology, allowing us to deliver quality produce on time and to spec.

4. Processing and


Once the product is harvested, it travels directly to our state-of-the-art packing and processing facility. Here, the raw material is selected, washed, processed, packed, and ready to be shipped to the rest of the world.

Our proprietary packaging technology extends the shelf life of our products and enhances their quality.

5. Final


Our attention to detail extends to the final delivery stage, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality products on time.

The Unispice Production System is a completely integrated food production system that uses intelligent technology to deliver quality food products. Thanks to complete vertical integration

we can produce food at competitive prices while remaining dedicated to providing our customers with a sustainable, scalable solution that is also completely traceable.