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Children´s day celebration
October 2022

Children´s day


At the Official Biligual Preschool Annexed to the Official Rural Mixed School at Caserío El Comunal, located in the Municipality of Purulhá, Department of Baja Verapaz.

As is the custom in Guatemala, every October 1 we celebrate Children’s Day. Each official school must find a way and means to accomplish this celebration. This time, the School from Caserío El Comunal asked UNISPICE for a donation of 2,000 lb of sweet potatoes for the children’s snacks. Approximately 200 children celebrated Children’s Day at the School and received a nutritious ration of sweet potato.

Staying Involved with the communities:

After 8 years of operations in Baja Verapaz, UNISPICE has become an economic engine in the region, especially favoring the surrounding local communities. As the company has grown, it has been able to establish an entire economic ecosystem by which many people have improved their well-being due to decent job opportunities generated. And not only that, but also through reinvestment and local support, UNISPICE links its success to its community in such a way that wealth spreads and an ever-widening area benefits.

Support, especially for the Education Sector

As part of the UniSpice humanitarian aid program, support for the education sector is a priority, especially for the public schools in rural communities. For many households, the meal offered by the schools is the most nutritious meal that the children consume; this is why, it is essential that these products provide the nutrients necessary to have a balanced and healthy diet.

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